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MorzArt's Surprise Creation - A Baby Girl

MorzArt's surprise creation is here!!  After 25 years together, and at the age of 43, we are blessed and excited to welcome a baby girl into our family.  
We are working diligently to accomplish projects in the wake of her arrival.  We appreciate your understanding of our new family dynamic and the precious time accompanying her birth in November 2021.  

Our MorzArt Family

Her arrival has us reminiscing over our time together. We have immense gratitude to the Creator for all that he gives us and the new adventures ahead.  šŸ’•

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A Copper Winged Heart in Honor - Menkes Awareness

winged heart urn for ashes

This winged heart urn was handmade at half-depth to hold a smaller portion of ashes. It was created to honor a little boy who passed from this world too soon.  Little Braxton and his family fought a hard fight during his two short years on Earth.

He was afflicted with the condition known as Menkes Disease. It is caused by mutations in the copper transport gene, which is responsible for making a protein that is important for regulating the copper levels in the body. Primarily affecting baby boys, Menkes syndrome is terminal within the first few years of life, and currently there is no cure.

We pray that Braxton's family finds comfort and peace as they honor his spirit and mourn the loss of their little one.

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